Dr. Felicia Berry-Mitchell

Author. Speaker. Psychologist.

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I’m Dr. Felicia

I specialize in working with trauma survivors and their partners. Having worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), I gained extensive knowledge and experience in delivering the most effective treatments to reduce posttrauma and PTSD symptoms. I continue to stay abreast of the most effective treatments for trauma and PTSD to offer the best options to my patients.

Building Courage & Resilience After Trauma

Building Courage & Resilience After Trauma is the go-to resource for those with trauma histories and their loved ones. It is the recommended resource for understanding posttrauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) symptoms and effective treatment options. This book will help you understand your symptoms better, or that of a loved one, provide healthy ways to cope with the trauma, empower you to be an informed partner in your recovery, and guide you to reclaim your life by further building courage and resilience after trauma. You can heal from trauma!

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Compassionate, Engaging, & Knowledgeable

These are simply 3 words of many that meeting planners use to describe Dr. Felicia when she speaks to their audiences. Her perfect balance of compassion, coupled with her extensive knowledge and training, captivates and engages  any audience.

Over 15 Years of Service

Rebuilding Courage. Transforming Lives.

Dr. Felicia Berry-Mitchell is the President of Providence Residential & Outpatient PTSD Services (PROPS) where she has counseled hundreds of trauma survivors who have struggled with posttrauma symptoms and PTSD.

As a psychologist, she also counsels those suffering with anxiety, depression, and relationship distress.