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Dr. Berry-Mitchell

Easy to Work With

Dr. Berry-Mitchell has been described as the consummate professional and a great communicator that’s delightful to work with.

Dynamic Presentor

Engaging and captivating is what audiences will experience as Dr. Berry-Mitchell delivers a well-prepared presentation.

Proven Results

Audiences walk away equipped with actionable tips, tools, and knowledge as Dr. Berry-Mitchell focuses on providing applicable resources.

Are you looking for a speaker that is well-versed, yet captivating and engaging? Invite Dr. Berry-Mitchell to speak at your upcoming program or event. She is also available for guest appearances for your podcast or television show.

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What Others Say About Dr. Felicia Berry-Mitchell

Dr. Berry-Mitchell was a very informative speaker. She kept the audience’s attention and drew numberous questions at the end of her presentation. I am still getting calls asking about her. I will definitely have her back again.

Tiffany Stewart-Stanley, Esq.

Director of External Affairs , Douglas County

Dr. Felicia’s presentation on Mental Health and Trauma was very inspiring and encouraging. I am someone who has considered trying therapy but never had the courage to follow through. After hearing Dr. Felicia speak about the benefits of therapy as well as provide information on how to pick the right therapist for me definitely made me reconsider looking for a therapist.

Briauna Rogers

Member Events Manager, The Gathering Spot

I had the honor of having Dr. Berry-Mitchell speak on mental health at a health education event for African American men in a church in Metro Atlanta.
Dr. Berry-Mitchell was an outstanding and engaging speaker and she did a thoughtful and thorough job of answering questions of the attendees. Not only was she able to talk about the details of mental health symptoms but she brought in her perspective as a clinician to help the men better understand what types of things are of concern to be a mental health professional. If you ever need a speaker, you will not be disappointed by inviting Dr. Berry-Mitchell.

Derek M. Griffith, PhD

Founder & Director, Center of Research on Men's Health Vanderbuilt University