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Click the link to purchase a copy of this invaluable resource for yourself AND a loved one! Whether you and/or your loved one has a history of trauma, you will find information beneficial to your healing journey. https://www.amazon.com/Building-Courage-Resilience-After-Trauma-ebook/dp/B088WCP6R5/ref=sr_1_3dchild=1&keywords=building+courage+%26+resilience+after+trauma&qid=1622510812&sr=8-3.

Building Courage & Resilience After Trauma

By Dr. Felicia Berry-Mitchell

Dr. Felicia Berry-Mitchell

About the Book

     Building Courage & Resilience After Trauma is the go-to resource for trauma survivors, their loved ones, and caregivers. This book will help you understand post-trauma symptoms and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in layman’s terms for your own peace of mind and for supporting a loved one. Building Courage & Resilience After Trauma is a combination of Dr. Berry-Mitchell’s personal and professional work healing trauma.

     Building Courage & Resilience After Trauma provides information that educates, normalizes the posttrauma and PTSD experiences, to help reduce stigma. The messages contained in the book will encourage you that you are not alone. After reading the book, those impacted will find resources to cope with trauma in healthier ways, learn about recommended treatments, and how to support a loved one through their healing journey. More importantly, reading this book will help you believe that building courage and resilience after trauma is possible!

     Building Courage & Resilience After Trauma has been likened to undergoing months of trauma therapy for under $30. Now that’s a bargain and worth the investment into your and your loved ones healing. Get your copy today!

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